Repubs: Lying or Just Stupid?

"Republicans, while not defending Libby, asserted that the lack of other indictments indicated there was no conspiracy in the White House to punish an administration critic by identifying his wife as a CIA operative." (link)

If that is their statement, then they are either too stupid or too mendacious--it's got to be one or the other--to be the elected representatives of American citizens, who deserve better and many of whom actually believe are as good as these politicians posture themselves to be. Legalistic sophistry designed to confuse rather than to educate the electorate is not acceptable, especially since you are bent on not allowing us little people to be decently educated to the point where we might be able to defend ourselves against your anti-intellectual propaganda, you chickenshits. Who think it's okay to make it harder for Joe Six-Pack Nascar-dad's kid to go to fucking junior college to say nothing of Enormous State.

Because they know damn well that there was a fucking conspiracy to do the nasty right there in Tricky Dick 2's conference room and these guys are facing decades in prison (unless you-know-who is going to pardon them all now and then let it all hang out in fronta God'n ever'body in Texas and around the world for the next three years).
So, these Republicans are being disingenuous at best. Not least because they know that much of the common wisdom is that Fitzgerald is just getting started--and why would Libby being doing this on his own or, if there are other people who are, say, doing the same kind of thing as Libby, how could they not know about each other and why would they not really be working together? In other words, how is it possible that there is no conspiracy?

O-o-o, as a matter of fact, I don't think I've heard the "c" word before that particular article, and it was floated by the Republicans! Sweet. (Cornyn: "I think what we found out this week is that any alleged wrongdoing is really confined to a single individual. Those who were expecting an indictment, indicating a broad conspiracy to out a covert CIA agent or - are going to be disappointed because there is no evidence to support that.") Looks like a road map to me. And what gentlemen (and ladies) these are, letting the loyal Scooter take one for the team.

And everybody else walks? As some blogger somewhere indicated, I think Mrs. Libby and children might want to have something to say about that, hm-m? Scooter does thirty years of solitude just so Karl Rove doesn't have to go to jail, or Dick Cheney? Somebody be singin' like Mahalia Jackson!


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