Theater of the Absurd

It's a great day for democracy. Iraq is voting for a constitution! (Should that be capital C?) How happy we are!

Ten years ago you couldn't find thirty percent of this country who knew the difference between Eye-rak and Eye-ran and now we're supposed to get goose bumps whenever we see the Blue Fingertip of Freedom? Are you shitting me? Twelve years of U.S.-led sanctions rendered our former agent Saddam Hussein impotent as the regional Hitler (except for his domestic terror regime) while impoverishing his people and causing the deaths of a half-million children ... and the recently published ex-hostage "just an ole' country boy" truck driver on C-SPAN can feel grateful that American kids don't have to beg for food like Iraqi kids.

Americans as a people seem to have the worst kind of tunnel vision--it's like looking through the wrong end of a million kaleidoscopes, where you don't see the big picture but just a bunch of little pictures, all of which are inspiring or fearsome but none of which is connected to any of the others. Life as a series of disconnected vignettes, a theater of the absurd. No wonder people are so scared. Who wouldn't be if you had no rational explanation for how the world works?

Which brings us to the rejection of science. Thanks, Republicans!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Spaghetti Happens, you're on fire today! Agree entirely with your moral outrage...

Just came by from Digby...

BTW, I like your name.

Dena, Toronto

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