Oh, That Maradona!

"Earlier, the tone was struck by the former football star Diego Maradona, who wore a 'Stop Bush' T-shirt to an anti-Bush "counter-summit" that drew some 4,000 protesters from around the world and easily eclipsed the official summit in the public's attention. 'I'm proud as an Argentine to repudiate the presence of this human trash, George Bush,' said Maradona."

That fucking Maradona!

The scene: Kindsbach, West Germany, me sitting at home watching the finals--the finals!--of the 1986 World Cup on TV. West Germany on the cusp of history! Hans Beckenbauer and the boys! Versus Argentina! Gonna do it! You can hear the shouting from the people watching the game on TV in the neighborhood bars! And the winning goal is kicked by ... Maradona.


"Human trash", indeed. Well, we certainly call a spade a spade, don't we?


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