Why Bush is Bad for the World

Oh, my god.

"President Bush last week appointed nine campaign contributors, including three longtime fund-raisers, to his Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, a 16-member panel of individuals from the private sector who advise the president on the quality and effectiveness of U.S. intelligence efforts." (Newsweek, via Altercation)

Note, of course, that he picked nine people for a 16-member board, thereby ensuring that his wishes will be accommodated. Smart man, that George W. Bush.

Anybody who thinks George W. Bush is doing a good job, like about 35 percent of Americans, should think about this particular piece of presidential news. What is arguably our biggest challenge right now? Could it be spelled I-R-A-Q? And what is arguably the most critical element in that effort, beyond the breathing human flesh that is required to make everything happen? Could it be spelled "I-N-T-E-L-L-I-G-E-N-C-E"? And so maybe we want people overseeing our intelligence efforts to be people who k-n-o-w-w-h-a-t-t-h-e-y-'r-e-d-o-i-n-g? Is this really a job for c-a-m-p-a-i-g-n-c-o-n-t-r-i-b-u-t-o-r-s?

The man is a sociopath.

Unless Congress decides to exercise its oversight authority, we are doomed.


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