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From Shaun at Upper Left:

"There's one thing, though, that I wish John, Cecil and anyone in a similar situation would do for me and for self-respecting Democrats everywhere. Next time one of those Republican twits starts to prattle on about '…the Democrat Party,' stop him in his tracks and say 'You're an educated person. You know the name of my Party and I take your deliberate misuse as a personal insult.'

Do it to every one of them. Every time.

Or...nah, just tell 'em."

I posted a few comments:

Thank you, Shaun. That irritating little neologism, which I think started with Gingrich, has stuck in my craw for years.

It is indeed an insult, and I'm sure a calculated one. In fact, the unanswered insults just keep on a-comin' from those fuckers, who know they can get away with them.

As for example "Turn Off the Mike" Sensenbrenner's refusal to let John Conyers hold hearings in a proper hearing room and shuffling him and his speakers off downstairs to some fucking broom closet. Did anybody in the Democratic power structure speak up for Conyers? Did Pelosi? Did Reid? Not to my knowledge, though I could be wrong.

And don't even mention Conyers' Ohio election report, which seems to have slipped down the ol' memory hole. Time to move on, and all that.

When you think about it, the entire Republican agenda is an insult to the Democratic Party and to all Democrats, who happen to revere the New Deal programs--especially Social Security--that were put into place by Franklin Roosevelt. These were made a part of the social fabric so as to make life a little easier for everybody. That's what's called domestic-tranquility democracy with a small d, and it is why the current doctrine of Republicanism--fascistic capitalism as personified by Bush, his criminal junta, and his Congressional and big-media enablers--must be eliminated from our civic discourse.

We would like to think the Democrats would be leading that charge. But this craven bunch? What a disappointment.

When wingnuts say the Democrats have no cojones, how can we argue?

spaghetti happens Email Homepage 12.04.05 - 11:18 am #

And yes, maybe I'm being too hard on the Ds. They may be starting to turn things around. Social Security "reform" was stopped in its tracks, and somebody important--Jack Murtha--finally stood up and said Bush's "plan" for "victory" stinks. (Of course, Pelosi took two weeks to finally agree to this publicly.)

All well and good. As Molly Ivins says, The first rule of holes is, when you're in one, stop digging. Maybe Reid & Asso. are finally putting the brakes on this political terrorism, as the Constitution mandates.

Is it too little, too late? Stay tuned. The Republican legacy to America--a $7 trillion deficit, unregulated corporate rapine, and a bloody, unwinnable war--is a pretty deep hole to get out of.

spaghetti happens Email Homepage 12.04.05 - 11:34 am #

Which brings me to civil disobedience. On the part of our Congresspersons. Meaning, fuck civility; do they think the Republicans give a shit about civility?

Sensenbrenner turns off your mike? Throw a fit, right there in front of C-SPAN. The Speaker pulls one of those voice vote things, where it's obvious that the Dems won, but he calls it for the Republicans? Rush the fucking podium, demanding justice!

Make a scene! Stop taking shit!

spaghetti happens Email Homepage 12.04.05 - 11:44 am #

Update: And, I would add: Sensenbrenner denies you a hearing room? March in as a group, turn the fucking lights back on, and make the prick call the Capitol cops on you and march you out in handcuffs. Great photo op!


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