Halos for Hypocrites

I like the halos press photographers sometimes put around Republicans. Sort of points up the hypocrisy thing, white-collar criminals waving fingers at us slobs who are just trying to make an honest living for the family.

(Speaking of which, I thoroughly enjoyed today's pic of Ken Lay doing his apparently low-key perp walk. Lay almost looked like he was out for a stroll until you noticed the handcuffs, discreetly hidden by his suit jacket. Funny; we haven't heard much about Lay's day in court in the liberal media. What's up with that?)

(Ed. note: the Lay photo was actually from 2004.)

Interesting that hypocrisy always seems to have been the sin most despised by Jesus, the sin perhaps the least amenable to forgiveness. He reserved his most caustic invective for "you hypocrites, you generation of vipers."

"Ouch! Was it something we said, Rabbi?"

As a leader of the party of "getting the government off our backs," Frist is in charge of reducing regulation in the very place where it is most needed: corporate America, as personified by the aforementioned Kenny Boy, Bush Pioneer and impoverisher of millions.

But Doctor Menge... er, Frist is also leader of the party dedicated to keeping the government very much on the backs of people who do not share his party's concept of family planning. His government will do all it can to stay very close to those people's backs (especially when they're on them), to the extent of force-feeding us judges like Samuel "10-Year-Old Strip Search" Alito. Jon Stewart offered that Alito is like the relief pitcher brought in to get one guy out: Roe v. Wade.

In fairness, you could say Frist favors getting the government "off the back" of the poor and the middle class through, well, just pulling out of the whole "government entitlement" thing once and for all. You know, like Medicare and Social Security. Veterans' benefits.

Remember: Government is the problem!

(Your New Republican Party: "Like a broken clock, right twice a day.")

I was going to say something along the lines of: "Sounds like a bad case of holding two mutually exlusive and impossible beliefs, which, as we recall from our reading, is a function of doublespeak--is this a doubleplusgood country or what?

"Stick to something, you lying douchebag!"

But then I realized: His beliefs are not at all mutually exclusive. In fact, they are quite in conformity. They both support the notion that wealth holds the power and ain't gonna give it up any time soon.

And that the poor ye shall always have with you if he has anything to say about it.

Because remember this, too: Doctor Frist's ownership interest in the nation's largest health maintenance organization has absolutely nothing to do with any of his decisions vis a vis the public health. Eg, Medicare. Really. I mean it.

That's your 2006 Congressional Christian for you: A finger-wagging hypocrite whose party tells me I'm unpatriotic while he's hard at work using my tax dollars to make my life miserable, a slave to his friends in the medical-pharmaceutical industry and his friends' friends in the petroleum industry, to say nothing of the "30,000 or so" dead Iraqis and their grieving families. We'll get to the American dead later.

Update, 12/27/05: And not that there's any obvious hypocrisy at work here, but Trent Lott's also got words for us.


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