We're Not Alone

I have lately been wondering whether our friends Across The Pond will have to act as a counterweight to the mass stupidity expressed by the American electorate, which seems unable to appreciate the fundamental problem of the neoconservative madness of the Pax Americana:

"The problem for the US today is that Leviathan has shot his wad. Iraq revealed the hubris of the imperial geostrategy. One small nation can tie down a superpower. Air and space supremacy do not give command on the ground. People can't be terrorised into identification with America. The US has proved able to destroy massively - but not create, or even control. Afghanistan and Iraq lie in ruins, yet the occupiers cower behind concrete mountains.

"The spin machine is on full tilt to represent Iraq as a success. Peters, in New Glory: Expanding America's Supremacy, asserts: 'Our country is a force for good without precedent'; and Barnett, in Blueprint, says: 'The US military is a force for global good that ... has no equal.' Both offer ambitious plans for how the US is going to remake the third world in its image. There is a violent hysteria to the boasts. The narcissism of a decade earlier has given way to an extrovert rage at those who have resisted America's will since 2001. Both urge utter ruthlessness in crushing resistance. In November 2004, Peters told Fox News that in Falluja 'the best outcome, frankly, is if they're all killed'."


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