What Good Does It Do?

This from Corrente Wire:

"The GAO report does not prove that the Republicans stole Ohio 2004. However, it does make a prima facie case that ample means to steal Ohio 2004 existed, and ample opportunities as well."

lambert goes on to list a number of major problems with the Ohio election:

Weak system security controls
Design flaws in the voter-verified paper audit trail systems
Weak security management practices
Incorrect system configuration
Poor implementation of security procedures
System failures during elections

Here's what I said in response:

All of these weaknesses were well known before the 2004 election, and the Democrats made lots of big noise about all the measures they were putting in place to ensure a clean vote. They weren’t going to take any shit from the Republicans … and then Kerry and Whatshisface pissed on my vote by walking away from the whole thing—after one day!—like it didn’t matter. And now the people are left holding a very big bag of shit.

What good does it do to know how Karl Rove and the Republicans can steal an election if nobody’s going to call them on it? No wonder people don’t respect the Democratic Party; they won’t even stand up for John Conyers, who wrote a report that nobody cares about and who had to hold his Iraq hearings in the fucking basement for chrissakes. I’m surprised they didn’t make him bus tables during the breaks.

And this, after the Democratic Party turned its back on the Congressional Black Caucus during the 2000 election by not backing a challenge to the Florida recount.

Disgraceful is almost too easy a word to describe their spinelessness. It’s almost as hard for me to listen to John Kerry these days as it is to listen to Bush. What a pathetic crop of losers.


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