The Second Cell (A Scenario)

First, you have to believe that the destruction of the Twin Towers (and WTC7) were controlled demolitions, as the evidence indicates. You don't, however, have to believe that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld set the charges themselves.

You just have to entertain the possibility that there was a second al-Qaeda cell working the September 11th attacks, in addition to the nineteen hijackers--who are the only ones who have been mentioned to this day as having anything to do, beyond funding, with the attacks. Assuming, which I think you basically have to, that the buildings were purposely taken down by controlled demolition--because the airplanes themselves were not enough to do it--I've come up with a plausible scenario that actually helps the whole thing make sense.

I won't go into the evidence about why the planes alone could not knock the buildings down; we know the structures were built to withstand airplane hits--and did. We also won't go into how burning jet fuel was not hot enough to melt the steel superstructure of the Towers, nor into how steel-structured buildings don't fall because of fire, ever. Nor even into the evidence of our own lyin' eyes: two buildings, three if you count WTC7, falling straight down just like we've seen a million times before with controlled demolitions. Gee, all three of them falling exactly the same way; how did that happen? And people heard explosions just before the fall, but that's all just paranoid conspiracy theories because this is America and things like governmental takeovers by madmen and their puppet presidents only happen to other countries because we're outside of history and all that.

The airplanes alone couldn't bring down the buildings, and, really, what was the true purpose of the attacks? To hijack and kill all the prisoners on the planes and the people inside the buildings? Maybe, but I like to think the real purpose was to destroy the buildings, which is what the blind sheik, Ramsi Yusuf and that group had tried and failed to do in 1993. In my scenario, the planes are just the opening act.

Remember that these al-Quedans are engineers and doctors--educated men. Osama himself comes from the leading engineering family in Saudi Arabia if not the world. He would know the planes alone wouldn't be enough to bring down the buildings, that a controlled demolition would be necessary to ensure that result. The death planes would add drama and, more importantly, focus the public's horrified attention on the real show, which was--boom!--bye, bye World Trade Center

"Al Quaeda, Destruction of the Towers, take two." You could call it learning from your mistakes. Or not giving up until you get it right. Whatever, it was a fiendishly audacious and effective piece of large-scale performance art that was sure to satisfy the deep romantic longings of the medieval Wahabist mind. And scare the holy fuck out of every American alive. And be the "new Pearl Harbor" so fervently desired by the neocons who needed a reason to go to war in Iraq.

Which helps to explain how the bad guys were able to pull it off, right under our noses. If Cheney and Rumsfeld can call off NORAD at the moment of truth, who's to say they couldn't also have have called off the FBI, who would have been able to catch the explosives guys--just like they could easily have stopped the hijackers if they'd wanted to, which they apparently did not.

To me it makes perfect sense. Two cells working simultaneously: the one we know about learning how to fly heavy jets and the other taking perhaps years to surreptitiously plant the explosive charges that would bring down the buildings in a traditional controlled demolition. The explosives would be set off, perhaps by remote control, perhaps by some other means, after the shocking and world-fixating opening display of the fiery murder of hundreds of innocents right there on live teevee.

The scenario of a second cell is no less plausible than of the one we know of: The hijackers were living openly in the U.S., attending their flight schools and being ignored or actively not investigated by the FBI, which was at the time being Ashcrofted into thinking that pornography and prostitution were greater dangers than terrorism. A second cell, the New York City cell, could easily have been just as busy, working underground or in the open, developing an identity that would allow them access to the buildings where they could then plant the explosives.

Far fetched? Not really. Like I said, where the fuck was NORAD, who literally disappeared from their own radar for the entire morning? What happened to their fifty-plus years of 24/7 training to deal with shit like off-course jetliners in addition to Russian bombers coming over the North Pole? And how did we know the exact identies of the hijackers within hours or days after the massacres? If the good guys knew the bad guys were on the planes, how is it that the bad guys got away from the good guys for just enough time to do the deed? And what really caused WTC7 to fall, which hadn't even been hit? The seismic impact of the Towers crumbling into dust and a huge asbestos cloud? I thought they built these things to withstand earthquakes. Hm-m-m.

Those buildings were not destroyed by those two airplanes, and so somebody had to plant the charges. My money's on al-Qaeda, with a wink and a nod from you-know-who.

Update, Feb. 12 06:

Actually, the more I think about it, I have to wonder: Why would the terrorists have gone to the trouble of setting up the controlled demolition that brought the buildings down in the perfectly symmetrical pattern that is what took place? It now seems to me that, from their viewpoint, an asymmetrical demolition--in which the buildings fell to one side--would have been more spectacular and more destructive. The benefits of a symmetrical demolition would devolve more to people who needed to destroy all the evidence, which of course would be those people inside the U.S. government who needed this "new Pearl Harbor" to effect their coup d'etat.

So, what then was the matrix of personnel? Who was flying those airplane and who were they working for, actually? And where, really, does Osama bin Laden figure into all this?


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